No Army, No DADCAMP.
Reach a dad, Reach a family!

Because of you thousands of lives are changing all over the world!

Watch this quick video update from Jason:

The DADCAMP Army is all about being on mission TOGETHER. We are an army of Dads and families committed to reaching other Dads TOGETHER. We know what’s at stake…our families, our communities, our world…let’s keep advancing.

As part of the DADCAMP Army you have said YES to the following 3 things:

1. Pray Consistently We will email you 1-2x/month with specific DADCAMP Army information and prayer updates.

2. Attend & Invite Each year we ask you to attend & get at least 1 NEW Dad to DADCAMP!

3. Give something A $25/month ($300/year) or more gift is the ask of each and every DADCAMP Army member. These resources allow us to reach dads both here and abroad.

Early Registration is March 15th

As a DADCAMP Army member you will also get early access for you and a first time friend to registration this season! Only active Army members will have access to early registration.

Set up your donation by February 2nd to receive the 2024 Early Registration code!